About Dr. Shannon Putman

Shannon Putman

Virtual Reality Specialist


PhD Curriculum and Instruction

PhD in Education, Immersive Virtual Reality, University of Louisville

Master of Education - MEd

Special Education Learning & Behavior Disorders, University of Louisville

Bachelor's Degree

Criminology, University of Tampa


Fort Knox Program Coordinator/Training Specialist

University of Louisville, KY
Sep 2021 – Mar 2023 · 1 yr 7 mos

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Louisville, KY
Aug 2019 – Jan 2022 · 2 yrs 6 mos

Special Education Teacher

Jefferson County Public Schools, KY
Aug 2007 – Jan 2022 · 14 yrs 6 mos


Putman XR Consulting is built upon a simple question: what is best for students? As a teacher, my only guiding principles were what is best for my students, and I refuse to change how my students learn; I change how I teach.

A student has no specific age and could be anywhere from birth to death. The subject matter is of no consequence either, quality instruction will always be quality instruction. At Putman XR Consulting, we meet the learners where they are instead of demanding they be at the level that is easiest for us. Whether it is in the classroom, the boardroom, or the locker room, Putman XR Consulting utilizes the most bleeding edge technology, combined with the most research-proven effect methods of instruction, to ensure success for every student.

Accolades & Achievements

MIT AR/VR Hackathon winner

We all share a common goal: to educate, empower and enable people to be part of the XR industry.

National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT)

Completed national, rigorous teaching standards as well as implement educational practices.

University of Louisville Preferred Professor Award

Recognized campus-wide through UofL

VR Creator of 1st VRL in KY

Opened the first ever VR Lab in an elementary school in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIEE)

Resourceful and entrepreneurial, MIEEs work to achieve excellence in education using Microsoft technologies coupled with their innovative teaching practices.

What Led Me Here

When I was teaching elementary special education, I would always start the year by asking the parents what was one goal they had for the school year. It did not have to be an academic goal, just anything they wanted to see happen for that school year. I had one mom tell me through tears, “We just want to go out to dinner.” They had one typically developing child and one child with a severe autism spectrum disorder. The noise and sensory overload in a restaurant were too much for him, and as a result, they had never been able to go out to dinner as a family.

I had recently purchased an Oculus DK2 kit and thought, “Maybe I can do something with this.” I went out to our local O’Charleys; they had this promotion that they were running at the time called “free pie Wednesdays.” It was literally that. Anyone who went there on Wednesday got a free slice of pie. I went with my new 360 camera and asked if I could film. I explained to the manager what I was doing and why, and he was beyond supportive. The whole staff and restaurant were, in fact. People would be loud and clank their plates, and a server spilled a drink on purpose. It was everything I could have asked for.

I took that footage, put it on the DK2, and got to work. Every. Single. Day. I put my student in that headset, and he had to sit through a meal at an overly-stimulated restaurant. Each day he had to make it 60 seconds longer than the day before. We worked and worked and worked until 6 months later when the family gave it a try. He made one hour and thirteen minutes. It was enough time for the family to eat and bring their pie home to celebrate later. From that moment on, I was invested in Immersive Virtual Reality.